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Every once in a while I write about my development experience and useful hacks for those who like to test themselves and learn something new

Compact Guide: How to sync Google calendar with Laravel

For proper synchronization of your resources is important to understand the principles of Google API. These principles work the same for all Google resources, but will be different for Outlook. We will figure out how and why to use query parameters and study the best practices.

Custom Auth Driver | Extending Laravel with Managers

Authentication is the initial entry point into applications and the foundation of web application security. Laravel has a solid foundation for creating secure authentication and a large number of already implemented auth drivers. However, the requirements for developers creating complex user access structures, there is a need to create their own login driver. This article is written to help all developers who have encountered the challenge of custom authentication driver in Laravel and describes how to create and integrate them.

Connecting to MySQL Using an SSH Tunnel: A Step-by-Step Guide

In this detailed guide, we will cover the intricacies of connecting to MySQL via SSH tunnel. By following this step-by-step approach, you will learn how to securely work with data on a remote MySQL server. The guide is also applicable to MariaDB.

Verifying Git commits using GPG

Digital Signatures are used to sign texts, letters and other messages. Git is no exception, but why do we need it?

Fun and Useful CLI Tools for Linux

Not all terminal commands perform productive tasks and know how to value. Some are here for fun and to bring a smile to your face.

Laravel Package Development : Key Steps to Building an Effective Tool

You may have already seen or used Laravel packages such as Sanctum, Passport, Nova and many others. But have you ever wondered how you can package and deploy your development into a package, of any logic, and share it with other developers in the Laravel community?

How To Integrate Google Calendar API with Laravel

Many applications need to integrate their application with Google or Outlook calendars. Reasons can be different, such as obtaining free dates for scheduling appointments in CRM or combining several calendars in one application, and others.

How to Securely Store Passwords with GPG & PASS

If we want to encrypt data, in particular passwords, we have a lot of tools to choose from that allow us to encrypt data. There are a large number of opensource and closed source solutions, both paid and not.